The Product

Gutter Foam is an open cell polyurethane foam filter insert that prevents leaves & tree debris from entering your gutters.

It stops blockages and allows rainwater from the roof to pass unrestricted through the gutter system.
The foam filter fits all gutter sizes and profiles in South Africa.

  • Easy to install
  • Sold in 1 Metre lengths
  • Treated with U.V stabiliser
  • Useable for driveway drains
  • Drinking water safe when collecting rainwater

Download Gutter Foam Technical Drawing

Gutter Types


The installation of Gutter Foam is incredibly easy. Please follow the simple instructions below.


Climbing on roofs & up ladders are high risk areas – consider using a qualified installer.
Make sure that the ladder or platform you will be working off is safe and secure.
Clean out the gutters & down-pipes with a scoop, brush and running water. This makes sure that they are free of leaves, debris and sludge.
Make sure that your gutters are clipped into the brackets and have the correct fall towards the down pipe outlets. Incorrect fall to the down-pipes will impede the performance of any spouting system.


Start your installation at the internal or external corners of your guttering as it is best to have a full length of filter foam at these points. You will need to cut a mitre join, most likely 45 degrees.
Ensure that the front sharp end of the foam is tucked into the front lip of the gutter and the back of the foam is pushed to the fascia side of the gutter and then tucked neatly under the bottom edge of the roof overhang.
Place the next length of filter foam into the gutter and be sure to compress it by 5mm against the previous length leaving no gaps.


If your gutters have internal support brackets that are low in the gutters you may need to cut the underside of the GutterFoam with a sharp knife at the point of each internal bracket. The Foam will straddle the bracket. With high support brackets, like with Marley® Spouting Systems, the Foam can tuck underneath the bracket or cut the foam into shorter lengths to suit the distance between each bracket.


Sharp box knife or a sharp kitchen knife & tape measure.
Gloves are necessary to save your hands and fingers from being cut on the sharp edges of the roof and gutter.


Gutter Foam Ltd. warrants to the purchaser of Gutter Foam Foam insert, that at the time the product is purchased it is free from defects in material and workmanship, and that the product will perform as described.

GutterFoam will perform effectively when maintained regularly.

Gutter Foam & GuttaFilta™ come with a 7 year product warranty.

We also offer a 12 month money back satisfaction guarantee subject to the following conditions.

  • For failure of product only
  • Limited to original cost of product
  • When a valid and authenticated claim is made by a consumer, pursuant to the twelve month money-back warranty arising from a manufacturing defect in the Product provided. In no case will the Supplier’s liability for the cost of repairing the product or replacing it, exceeded the Retail Price (the Retail Price is exclusive of installation and/or cleaning costs).
  • Does not cover cost of removal
  • Does not cover cost of dumping
  • Does not apply at all if installed incorrectly
  • Does not apply if gutters are not cleaned correctly prior to installation