How do I measure my gutters when buying the foam insert gutter protection?

You need 2 measurements (A,B), the length of the gutter and the width of the gutter.
Marley, Classic, Half Round, Quarter Round or Box.
A is the vertical height of the rear side of the gutter.
B is the open top width measurement of the gutter, fascia to front lip of gutter.

And of course measure the length of the gutters – the lineal measure

How long has Gutter Foam been on the market?

Gutter Foam was developed for use in South Africa/New Zealand/Australia in 2012.

Does the Foam Insert System come with a warranty?

Gutter Foam comes with a 7 year product warranty. We also offer a 12 month money back satisfaction guarantee subject to the following conditions.

For failure of product only.
Limited to original cost of product.
Where a valid and authenticated claim is made by a consumer pursuant to a twelve month money-back warranty, arising from manufacturing defect in the Product, the Retail Price (exclusive of installation and/or cleaning costs). Provided that in no case will the Supplier’s liability for the cost of repairing the Product or replacing it exceeded the Retail Price.
Does not cover cost of removal.
Does not cover cost of dumping.
Does not apply at all if installed incorrectly.
Does not apply if gutters are not cleaned correctly prior to installation.

Will you see the foam insert from the street?

Gutter Foam sits snugly into your gutter so there are no visible signs unless the vantage point is high enough to see into the gutters.

Do UV rays or heat from sunlight harm the foam insert?

Gutter Foam is a UV, protected from the suns heat and UV radiation. Gutter Foam has survived direct sunlight, heat and humidity in an Accelerated weather testing facility at Auckland University for a period of 6 years. The foam insert retained its integrity and shape and showed no signs of breaking down.

Do birds, rats, insects, or other small animals harm the foam insert?

It has been experienced in the USA that foam inserts appears to repel vermin.
Gutter Foam also have an anti microbial additive which prevents algae and mould developing and by the way it is formed and fits into the gutter, also assists with mosquito control. It inhibits the development of larvae by keeping the mosquitoes away from any water build up.
Gutter Foam takes up most of the gap between your roof line and your gutter assisting to block off the cavity where vermin gain access to your roof space.
We cannot guarantee that Gutter Foam is impervious to birds, insects and small animals. It will deter them but not necessarily stop them completely.

When it rains does the foam insert become too saturated, to a point where it becomes heavy and the added weight can possibly bring down or compromise the gutters themselves?

Gutter Foam only retains a small % of the water that passes through it and that for only a short period before it dries – it’s much too porous to hold significant water weight. When gutters sag or collapse it’s usually from the weight of water and debris trapped in the gutters because of clogging. The Foam is 98% air and therefore is very light even when a small % of water is retained.

Will the FOAM INSERT affect my roof or gutters?

Gutter Foam is preferred by Roofing & Guttering Contractors because it needs no nails, screws or messy silicones to hold it in place and it will not void your roof & gutter warranty. It allows homeowners to gain easy access to their gutters without damaging their gutters or roofs.

Does water in the gutter run over during heavy rainfall?

We cannot guarantee your gutters won’t overflow during heavy down pours.
Gutter Foam’s unique profile ensures that no water will run back into the soffet area and cause expensive damp problems to the construction.

Much depends on the pitch of the roof, the volume of rainfall, the size of your gutter in relation to the catchment area of your roof and the efficiency of your down pipes.
Generally, because Gutter Foam keep your gutters clear of debris, your gutters are far less likely to overflow with Foam than without it.

Does Gutter Foam need to be cleaned?

Regular maintenance will assist the efficiency of Gutter Foam and greatly reduces the need for messy gutter cleaning. Leaves will gather on top of the Foam Insert and these will need to be removed periodically for Gutter Foam to work at maximum efficiency. Having said that, the indications are that some build-up of debris will not affect the performance of the Foam. We recommend you cast a regular eye over the Foam and if it is showing signs of clogging, that you take the precaution of removing the Foam – by blowing the leaves off, or hosing them off. In some instances you may need to remove the Foam and shake out the gathered debris. Experience to this point in time suggests that there is no reason to have to shake the foam out – simply blow the leaves off the foam insert as needed –and more regularly if in a high leaf fall area. Gutter Foam can be hosed and will dry quickly in full sunlight. In areas where Gutter Foam do not get sustained sunlight it will take longer to dry.

Can strong winds blow the FOAM INSERT out of the gutter?

If the correct GutterFoam shape is fitted to your gutter and is fitted correctly, they will not blow out of your gutters in strong winds.

Does Gutter Foam affect my drinking water?

After passing through Gutter Foam, Rain Water is unaffected by the foam insert. The product has undergone rigorous testing against the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian & New Zealand Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (ADWG); the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Supply; and World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water 2011, 4th Edition.

Testing confirms that nothing leaches out of the foam that is harmful to humans, animals or the marine environment.

Our advice is, because Gutter Foam is designed to keep your gutters clear of tree debris and not pollutants or other impurities, always get professional advice on your drinking water quality.

How do I measure my gutters for ordering?

We require 3 measurements and the shape: Classic, Half Round or Box.

A is the inner vertical height of the gutter against the fascia board.
B is the open top horizontal measurement.
C is the outer vertical height of the gutter.

What is the cost/estimate you have been quoted and for how long is the quote valid?

Gutter Foam is approx R95.00 per meter and sold in 1 meter lengths. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

How long have Gutter Foam been on the market?

GutterFoam was developed for use in South Africa/New Zealand/Australia in 2012.