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Welcome to Gutter Foam Ltd., established in May 2012. Our founder recognized the absence of an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-maintain gutter protection system in South Africa. Faced with the challenge of finding a solution for his own gutters, he discovered an effective product in the United States. However, the high shipping costs made it impractical for local use. Realizing that others must be encountering the same issue, our founder saw an opportunity to start a successful business. With the vision of becoming the premier gutter protection system supply company in South Africa, Gutter Foam was formed, securing the necessary licenses and importing the product to meet the demand. Since then, Gutter Foam (also known as GutterFoam) has thrived, offering top-notch products and exceptional service.

Our range of gutter protection solutions is designed to keep your gutters and downpipes free from blockages, while safeguarding your home from damage caused by birds and other unwanted visitors. Our products are tailored for South African rainwater systems, built to withstand diverse weather conditions, and feature UV and mold protection. With fast delivery nationwide within 48 hours and a network of skilled tradesmen available for installation support, we are here to provide the best solutions to your leaf problems. Contact us today to experience the Gutter Foam difference.

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