About Gutterfoam

Gutter Foam Ltd. formed in May 2012.

When asked about Gutter Foam the founder of the company had this to say.

“South Africa had long been without a gutter protections system that was efficient, easy to install, simple to maintain and, most importantly, affordable.”

Needing some method to keep his own gutters free from debris the principal of Gutterfoam was amazed to find that their was no simple solution in South Africa .

Turning to the Internet he discovered the solution in America. But as with all things purchased online the shipping costs for the volume he needed made buying the product off shore impractical.

Others must be facing the same problem he realised, and with a string of successful businesses behind him he decided here was an opportunity to start a successful business.

From there it was a matter of securing the licence, forming a company and importing the product to fill the need.

Gutter Foam (or GutterFoam as it seems to have become known) has since gone from strength to strength.

Gutter Foam’s Business Vision

To be the best Gutter Protection System Supply Company in South Africa providing the best service, the best products and the most effective solutions to your leaf problems.

About Gutter Foam Products

Gutter Foam gutter protection has a large range of products that provides a simple yet effective solution that prevents gutters and downpipes from becoming blocked.

Keeping birds and other unwelcome guests from your ceiling cavity and protecting your largest asset from unnecessary damage.

Our products are specifically designed for all South African rainwater systems sizes, shapes and weather conditions. All products are drinking water safe and include UV and mould protection.

If you are unable to secure your purchase locally an order through our website will ensure delivery anywhere in South Africa within 48 hours.

South Africans have a great DIY attitude but if you need assistance with the installation we have a large network of tradesmen, all around SA, available to install your Gutter Foam gutter protection system.

Give us a call or drop us a line.